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Kleen-Scrape and Kleen-Thru Plus Mats are all anti-fatigue.

The workplace as a health hazard


Roughly eight out of ten people at work are exposed to physical health risks in the workplace. This was discovered when a survey was carried out as part of the micro-census Labour Force Survey by Statistik Austria in 2013. The most frequently mentioned physical strains resulting from work were ergonomic strains and accident risks. The most serious health issue is back problems caused by work, mentioned by nearly a third of the people affected (32.2%). About one fifth reported having problems with the neck, shoulders, arms or hands (19.0%) and for 16.3% the hips, legs or feet were affected.

Thus, for example, long periods of standing at work can lead to back problems as well as problems with the legs and feet. Tension, stiffness, inflammation and varicose veins may result.

A useful contribution to on-the-job safety and employee health is equipping (standing) workstations with special workstation and antifatigue mats.

Benefits of work- and anti-fatigue mats:

  • The ergonomically structured surface and the flexible material can improve blood flow and oxygen supply.
  • Concentration and productivity can be boosted
  • All physical complaints leading to sick leave or downtime can be reduced
  • Protection from unhealthy cold radiating from the ground
  • Provide secure and slip proof footing, especially in wet environments

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